May 2003

Congratulations to the Village Hall Committee for raising £235.70 from their coffee morning held at Margaret and Colin Harbury 's, Bridge House. A bit more for the hall which, with the help of some amazingly mild and rain free weather, is taking the shape with which we will all be familiar, for many years to come. The roof is of pre-cast concrete, a massive structure, made up of huge slabs, all told a combined weight of 70 tonnes, all standing on a steel frame, blocked in with 6" blocks. With triple glazing on all the windows and air conditioning going in later, the place has been designed to emit minimum sound. Importantly, we are all beginning to see the aesthetic beauty of our new hall. The end result looks to be stunning.

The first coffee morning was held in the newly named Martin Room in St. Mary's Church on Saturday 10th May and church funds benefited by £210.00p. People, who for the first time had seen the new room, were mightily impressed and who can blame them, it is a beautifully crafted work.

The next coffee morning will be on Monday June 16th, hosted by Jennifer Grant and Jan Bacon. Transport will be laid on for those who cannot make the hill on their own. Please contact Jan and Max and book your lift for 'Coffee and Chat'.

Congratulations to Christopher Spicer for his victory in the District Council elections. Christopher is a man of Pakenham. A man who has served this village as a parish councilor, chairman of the Community Council, churchwarden, trustee to the Pakenham Charities, whose historical knowledge of Pakenham is vast and whom, importantly, is on first name terms with many, particularly the older ones of us who have been in this village for a long time. A genial, caring man, who has a genuine affection for the beautiful place in which we live. It is doubtful whether we could have a better man to represent us.

The C. C. T. V. Cameras, so kindly collected for by the generous people of Pakenham, are on order. We hope to have them installed into the present Post Office as soon as they arrive. There is an urgency, as those who collected appreciated. One can never tell when a robbery or armed raid will take place, having been through the experience, we would wish to have as much protection and evidence as possible.

The casual wanderer around the churchyard may have noticed that part of a flint wall, bordering Mulberry House, had fallen; in fact it has been down for some months. Well, it is now being rebuilt by Simon Williams, a high quality flint knapper who has made his name for his flint work on Bury Cathedral. We are privileged to have him work for us.

Our prayers have been answered. Keith Boundy is home again, after his heart problems had hospitalised him on Monday 12th May. We send our love and best wishes to both Keith and Sue, for a speedy recovery.

Max Bacon.