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The Pedigree of the Pakenham Family

Good morning, I write to you as a great, great granddaughter of William Nunn who was born in Pakenham in July 1809. He was the son of John and Elizabeth and had several sisters and brothers. He was transported to Van Diemen’s Land, now known as Tasmania and the state where I was born.
After he had served his time he returned to Pakenham with his wife and his first 2 children. They were all listed on the 1851 England Census in Pakenham.
The 4 of them continued to live in Pakenham for about 6 years but eventually returned to Tasmania where they continued to increase their family.
William was a ‘cottage gardener’ and was always employed by the head or deputy of the Church of England in Tasmania.
He was highly regarded in the community of northern Tasmania where he spent the majority of his life.
His obituary in the local paper reflects the life of a highly regarded and respected man in his community, much loved by his large family.
I will be visiting the U.K. again in September this year and staying in London as my base.
In the past I have visited several counties where my different ancestors were born. 
My research into the Nunn side of my maternal tree has really expanded this year and consequently, I would love to make a visit to Suffolk.
I will not have a car and expect to travel by train.
I expect that this will be a visit of more than one day so will then need to book a B & B overnight.
Any travelling advice you are able to offer will be sincerely appreciated.
I am now booked to arrive in the UK in September.
(Mrs) Gabi Walton : alangabiwalton at
Melbourne, Victoria, Australia

Additional historical information...
William was the 2nd born son to John and Elizabeth Nunn in 1809, followed by Maria in 1812.
William was 22 and unmarried when he and Robert Rogers, also from the village and who was 23 and married, got into trouble. Their trial judge on 19th March 1831 at Liberty of Bury St. Edmunds was particularly brutal. The records for that day show that all the prisoners were sentenced to either life or 14 years. Both young men were sentenced together and sailed to Van Diemen's Land on the sailing ship 'Larkins', arriving in Hobart on 19th October 1831. A journey of 4 months.
William was still not free when he obtained permission to marry Mary Ann Muggeridge in Launceston (northern Tasmania) 29th December 1841. She had been born in Chelsea, London and travelled to the colony with her father, a soldier, of the 77th Regiment of Foot ( a red coat!). Their daughters Eliza and Harriet were born in Launceston in 1842 and 1844. He received his Certificate of Freedom in 1845.
Only 6 years later his story comes full circle as shown in the 1851 England Census, living on Fenn Street with his wife and 2 daughters right next door to his sister Maria, now Mrs. Edward Rogers!!
William and family eventually returned to Tasmania where he died in 1896.

08.01.2019 Hello, My name is Shawn Bennett and I lived in Pakenham from 1981 to 1983 and have many fond memories of the village, and particularly the primary school with Mr Pitchford as headmaster and my teacher. I was "the American" at Pakenham primary school; my father had brought my family to England for his assignment in the US Air Force at RAF Lakenheath.
Ian Kings' July 2001 posting below of playing in the Dell and "playing football every day-light hour" resonated, as did his conclusion that nowhere his family subsequently moved was "anywhere as good" as Pakenham.
I was sad to learn the school closed in 1989. Friday afternoons we would gather around Mr. Pitchford's desk as he read aloud a chapter, first from Ali Baba and the 40 Thieves, and later, the Jungle Book. Mornings the school's two classes would gather to sit on the "amazing polished wooden floor in the main hall" while Mr. Pitchford played a selection of classical music on the record player and ask students to name the song; I was always first to raise my hand for my favorite, Dance of the Sugar Plum Fairy.
Best wishes to any others with shared memories.
I can be reached at : bennett.shawn at
01.06.2017 Hello, My name is Debbie and I'm a teacher. I came across your page ( while searching for information about genealogy for an upcoming student project. The resources you have are very helpful! I just wanted to thank you and thought you should know how useful it is as it's made collecting information a lot easier. I also found this:
I think it would be a great resource to include on your page. Thought I'd pass it along. What do you think? Thanks again!
Debbie Reynolds : debbie at
18.03.2017 Hi everyone, I am from the Pakenham family in Peterborough Ontario, (my paternal grandmother was Ethel Maude Pakenham, daughter of Walter Pakenham. I was looking for other family from the area who might be interested in sharing notes. I came across a couple of posts from Christine, who is my second cousin, once removed.. but I have no current contact information. cheers Jamie
Jamie Ross : jamie.ross at
12.09.2016 Hi there, I was wandering if anybody had any information on the Foremans that lived in Pakenham, my dad is David Foreman and my grand parents where Ernest 'Bonker' Formean & Maggie Jean Foreman, my grandads brothers and sister where Nelly, Charles 'wager', Amy and Cyril. I knew all of these apart from Amy & Cyril but would love to know if anybody has any pictures / stories! Bonker and Maggie used to live in cottage made of Flint next to the Fox (end on the left hand side) where Bonker spent lots of time!
Terry Foreman : tfoream at
04.09.2016 We have found the history of Pakenham and in particular, Nether Hall, very interesting. We have been living at Bridge Cottage in Thurston for over 30 years and know that it originally formed part of the Nether Hall estate. We believe it was one of the estate farms and would appreciate any information that villagers may have about it. The name Bridge Cottage comes from the railway bridge that is situated adjacent to our property, but obviously the farm was known by another name before the arrival of the railway in 1846. Bridge Cottage is a very old property, most probably dating from 1600's, but it was converted into two cottages during the Victorian period. The brick shell of the cottage most probably came about during the time of the railway or with Edward Greene's improvements of his properties in the late 1800's. Bridge Cottage is situated in Barrell's Road, named after an occupant, but we understand that the lane was known as Neave's Way sometime during its history. Any information/photos of Bridge Cottage would be most welcome. Thank you. Linda Noble : bridgecottage54 at
23.08.2016 Hello - I have just encountered a rather complicated set of relationships between various people, including the heiresses of William de Pakenham, in 1484, and then found your village website, when I was trying to verify the relationships.
The record is in Latin:-
bCP40no887dorses/IMG_0721.htm and I give below my version of it, being part of the project that I am working on, the indexing of legal records, for the website: Anglo American Legal Tradition.
Complainant, I think
Lumbard, James, son & heir of Elizabeth Lumbard, a daughter & heiress of Katherine, who was daughter of Margery, who was daughter & heiress of William de Pakenham
Aplthorp(?), Edward, son of Ralph(?), son of Thomas, son of Thomas, son of Margaret, another daughter & heiress of the same William de Pakenham; Sellers, Henry, formerly husband of Celia, another daughter & heiress of the same Katherine.
They are having a dispute about how to divide up the ancestral lands...
best wishes, Rosemary Simons : rosemary.simons at
24.06.2016 Hello, my Grandfather has been researching his family history and found a comment about the Bradbrook family living in a place called Pudding Hall. Does pudding hall still exist and are there any pictures of it? Are there any records of the Bradbrook family living there? My grandad lives in Derbyshire and would be thrilled if he could find out more! Would be grateful for any information you could give? Kind regards,
Susannah Jennings : susi1122 at
23.09.2013 My grandmother was a Bridges. Any info. you could give me on the family would be wonderful. She was Violet Bridges. My father was Thomas. She had many brothers and sisters- one named Joseph. They went to Canada and she married my grandfather Leon Starmont in Detroit Mich. and they moved to the US. Thanks.
Carol Starmont : carolstar50 at
18.01.2013 Hi I am tracing my family tree and am presently looking for any info on the Hunton family who lived in Pakenham in the 18th century in particular Elizabeth Hunton who married William Wright in 1769. Grateful for any info -
Regards Ros Dixon : ken at
03.10.2012 Hi My family originated from Pakenham and i have been tracing their family history I am Pakenham Harvest Phototrying to find more information about a photograph that I believe was taken in Pakenham about 1880/1881 The photograph shows 17 farmworkers holding scythes and sheaves of corn at the end of harvest, I believe that my Great, Great, Great Grandfather Amos Peck is second from the right on the back row If anyone could help identify where and when the photograph was taken or could identify others in the picture I would be very grateful
Regards Maureen Steel : m.steel5 at
Click on image to enlarge or here for larger photo.
15.07.2012 I am now living in Sydney, Australia but lived in Woodbridge for 16 years from 1982 to 1998. At the time my work canteen regularly had a dish they called 'Pakenham Pie' which was basically a pastry base with sausage meat filling and cheese topping. It was always one of my favourites, but I have been unable to find any references to it anywhere. Was it a made-up name, or does it actually exist and do you have a recipe? kind regards,
Simon Haynes: simon.j.haynes at
24.04.2012 I am Peter Platt of Laurieton, NSW, Australia. I am researching my Mother's family - CHINERY. I came across the reference to Nether Hall, Thurston, " sold by one Rev. Charles Tyrell to George Chinery of Bury St. Edmunds". I am trying to ascertain information on George Chinery and would be very pleased if you could steer me in the direction of anyone or any web site that could provide information on said George, his family, ancestors and descendants. Thanking you in anticipation.
Peter Platt : ttalpp-i at
16.04.2012 Mr Great Great Grand father was Harry (Tottie) Balls. I believe he, with his wife Naomi and their 15 children lived in a cottage that once stood where the new village hall now stands. Do you know if any photos around this location exsist before the hall was built?. Yours hopefully
Paul Tutton : tuttontemple at
24.02.2012 Hi, I am writing a book of Memories of Children during WW2 (to be published later this year) and wondered whether anyone wants to contribute to this. One of the contributors has mentioned Pakenham in his account of being an evacuee so I wondered whether there were any people who would want to mention their experiences either as an evacuee or just experiencing war as a child (up to age 16). If anyone would like to contact me my telephone number is 01708 343284.
Many thanks in anticipation, Helen Finch
19.02.2012 I have been tracing my grandfather's family. His mother's maiden name was "NIXON". Her mother's maiden name was "RAINBIRD", and her mother's maiden name was "HAILSTONE"! The Nixons came from Pakenham and were there for several generations. Is there any information anywhere about these families? Regards, Chrissie : tinatedbrittain at
23.02.2011 Hello, my name is Amy (Spring) Quinn, I have been working on the Spring Family tree. I was wondering if you have any information for Sir William Spring I would greatly appreciate it.
Amy Quinn : aquinn111 at
11.02.2011 Hi, can anyone help me with information on Bailypool Cottage in Pakenham? My ancestors lived in the cottage for approx 30 yrs, and could you tell me if the cottage is still standing? The family name was Howlett. Thank you.
D Hawes : hawes-d at
15.11.2010 Hello Pakenham! My name is Daphne Barber and I am contacting you on behalf of my Mother Florence Lillian Wells (nee Last) borne 5th July 1911 in Troston. My Mother is currently in a Care Home near us in Ferndown Dorset and is suffering from Dementia. We are hopeful that she will celebrate her 100th birthday next year. She spends most of her time in the past and talks a lot about Pakenham where she and her brother spent their early childhood certainly at the time of the outbreak of the First World War. They lived, so I believe, in a cottage which was at the entrance of Parry Crooks? driveway off the Fen Road. This information is a bit vague as her memory is unreliable. I am not sure what her Father (my Grandfather) did at this time but I am sure it would have been agricultural and the Lasts had working connections with Ixworth. She talks a lot about going to the church and attending the school where the son of the teacher went off to the War. She also remembers soldiers marching down the main street and her Mother making tea in her front room to give to the soldiers! I would like to find out as much as I can before it is too late and all traces of her early life will disappear. Thank you in advance for any help you are able to give and for your time. Best wishes,
Daphne Barber : dphnbar at
09.08.2010 Hello. Martin Harrison was kind enough to send to me some details of the family Fisk, with whom I stayed as an evacuee during the war. Watching the Countrywise programme last night brought back many memories of my time there. Len Townsend who was there during this time spoke with much emotion of Pakenham. I lived in a cottage on the edge of the village, opposite the dell. On looking through Martin's information I noted that Mr. & Mrs. Fisk had a daughter, Elsie, who died in 2000, she was married and became a Morley. Are there any of her family living in Pakenham? I would be most interested to know. Thanks,
Brian Robinson : brianrobinson1937 at
03.08.2010 I write to inquire if you are able to assist my research into a pair of duelling pistols. These are recorded as being made in 1803 by John Manton, having serial number 4040. CrestsThey both bear an engraved crest on their escutcheons, which I have narrowed down to a few prominent Families, one of which is Pakenham, and the Earls of Longford. (Click image to enlarge.)
Further research has indicated that 'Lord Longford of Castle Pollard, County Westmeath' was a client of John Manton, and it is recorded that a single barrel, 10 bore shotgun was made for this gentleman in 1828, it having a serial number 10075. Of relevance is that this particular gun also has an engraved crest - in this case directly attributed to the person concerned. It seems therefore possible that the Family has had a connection with the Gun maker, and the similarity of the engraving appears worthy of further investigation.
Looking at the dates concerned, and the fact that pistols of this type and quality were normally hand made for their owner, it appears possible that the clients could include: Maj-Gen Sir Edward Michael Pakenham; Lt-Gen Hon Sir Hercules Robert Pakenham; Thomas Pakenham, 2and Earl of Longford.
Any information you can provide to assist this research would be greatly appreciated, in the light of this I attach two pictures of the engraving on my pistols. At some point in time the pistols were in USA, however this could be as a result of an antique sale, as opposed to they being there as a result of some circumstances directly relating to their history. Many thanks,
Philip Wright : philip.wright28 at
19.06.2010 My Great, Great Grandfather Harry Rosher (father called William) was born in Pakenham (according to census records) in 1837/8 (give or take). I have been unable to trace a birth registration and was hoping that there might be some baptism record and associated information within the Church records. I know that this is a long shot, but worth a try. I would be most appreciative if anyone is willing to spare any time at all to look into this matter for me.
Many thanks, Hazel Banks : banks810 at
07.06.2010 Just to say congratulations to everyone involved in yesterday's Open Gardens event - a joyful, entertaining and hugely enjoyable afternoon in which we reacquainted ourselves with old friends and met many new ones. A terrific day for the village. Geoff Barton - Pakenham
25.04.2010 The account of the WI visit to Texas has proven increasingly thrilling! Congratulations to you all on being such great ambassadors for our village and for making it home (eventually). Geoff Barton - Pakenham
08.03.2010 Hello. I am researching my family tree... it is an 'on' and 'off' hobby which has been on the go since around 1974... in a recent search I came across a website with photos of grave stones and one of them was for a GEORGE ARBON died 7th January 1915 and is buried in Pakenham and who may be a relation... g g grandfather I think...My grandparents lived in Bury St Edmunds and his parents in / around Flempton.
I would love to have contact with anyone who could help me as I now live in France so making trips to church yards is not as easy! Many thanks Sarah TINDLE : sarah.tindle at
21.01.2010 Hi, I have recently retired and have just started to look into my family history. My great grandmother was Elizabeth Ann Cockrill, daughter of Charles Cockrill (born 1811, I dont know when he died) and Elizabeth Hilder (1811-1883). They lived at Beaumonts Hall, which no longer exists, but was near Stowlangtoft Spinney. Elizabeth married Thomas Phillips Burt of Norton.
One difficulty I have encountered is the fact that there were 2 Elizabeth Cockrills and an Eliza Ann Cockrill. I am also interested in Robert Double Cockrill (1800-1877) and his wife Elizabeth Martin (1811-1886). Do you know where they lived? Were they related to Charles? I believe some of their family moved to Gt Saxham and farmed at Symonds Farm. I do have some info about some of these Cockrills. I also know that there are 3 Cockrill graves at St Mary's. Please could anyone with any information which may be of help (Dates, places, relationships, photos etc.etc.) please contact me. I have looked at census information from 1841, 51, 61, 71, 81, 91, and 1901 but the information is not always complete. I live locally and am happy to email, telephone or meet up. Many thanks for help or hints.
Sincerely David Burt : bg55599 at
03.01.2010 I am enquiring about the Family Rosier: George and Emma and of their 2 younger sons who worked at Hungry Hall Pakenham in the 1880's. They were my paternal grandmother's grandparents. If anyone has any info about any of the Rosier family I would be pleased to hear from them. (I have tried unsuccessfully to email Dorothy Bonfield who has also enquired about the Family Rosier.) Susan : ladysusanpc at
20.12.2009 I am researching the life and works of the artist Charles Edwin Dawson. It seems that his second wife, who died in late 1980, declared her 'usual address' to be The Dower House, Pakenham. She died under the name of Gloria Embling Mortimer - she was born Lucy Embling Dart. Mortimer was her second husband.
Does anyone have a photo of The Dower House or any information on the building? I would be most grateful for any information.
Jenny Graveson : jenny at
10.09.2009 I have been looking into my family history and it has brought me to the village of Pakenham. The address where my family lived is Bridge St but I can find no mention of this on any maps of the area. Does Bridge St not exist any more? I hope someone can help.
Many Thanks Angela : achris at
27.07.2009 My name is Lesley and I'm a radio reporter with Radio 5 Live. I'm doing a piece about a gentleman who was an evacuee in Pakenham during the war. I'm bringing him back to the village in the middle of August to record his memories of that strange time. I'd be THRILLED if anyone in the village also remembers the time when hoards of city children came to stay. Maybe you were at school then yourself, or maybe you had other children living with you? If so, please get in touch. I'd love to hear what it was like for you too. Thank you.
Lesley.Ashmall at
11.07.2009 I am doing some research into the Spring family, who were baronets of Pakenham between 1641 and 1769 and came from Lavenham. I was wondering whether you had any information on this family, or had any suggestions concerning where I could find out more. Many thanks,
Jack Galloway. jack_galloway at
04.03.2009 Hello, My name is Mark Frost and I am searching for information about my great grandfather William Thomas Frost. He was born about 1866 in Pakenham and was living in Leigh, Lancashire by 1901, married and with two children, harold and walter. Walter became the father of William father. I am trying to find information such as birth and parents/siblings of the elder William Thomas whose place of birth is registered as Pakenham Suffolk in the 1901 and 1911 census... thanks in advance for any help!
Mark : mfrost at
24.01.2009 The information on James Rumball was provided by me many years back on a visit to each of the mills. I am his great great granddaughter Andrea Rumball (now Andrea Butlin). I was pleased to see that the information from James' indentures had been incorporated into the book.
ChrisAButlin at
18.01.2009 Hello everyone & thank you for this opportunity to share my Pakenham connection. George Whaits Mathew (1804-1882) of Maulkins Hall, Pakenham, was my grandfather (x3) ~ I am descended from his son Harry. My grandfather John Fox Mathew added the s to the surname when he married, but I remember great uncles from childhood who were still Mathew. If anyone would like to share information, please get in touch via e-mail. With grateful thanks,
Ian Mathews : iangp at
05.11.2008 Hello there, I have been researching my late father's family for many years, and have been stuck back in 1779, when my g-g-g-grandfather Thorey Howe was born. He was apparently born in Heveningham, Suffolk. Imagine my surprise and delight to find another Thory (without the 'e') on the internet site 'Find my past', who was buried at Pakenham in 1760. I have not been able to find anything else out about him via the computer and wondered if you had any suggestions as to how I can investigate this man and his family. I live down in Devon, and will not be able to visit Suffolk for a while. Any suggestions would be much appreciated. Thank you, Lyn Brown (nee Howe) : lyn.chris at
31.08.2008 I am in the process of buying The Ecke, Church Hill, Pakenham and have a couple of questions.
1. Does anyone have a copy of "Pakenham-Village of Two Mills"? I would very much like to buy one and I cannot find it on my internet book contact.
2. I am told that The Ecke means The Corner in German - Is it known when the house was called this and/or is it known what it was called before The Ecke?
With many thanks for any information. Kind regards
Molly harvey-Evers : mowlly at
31.08.2008 My name is Robert Marshall and I and my wife Sue with daughters Julai and Victoria moved into the Ecke in the spring of 1973 and left for Dorset in 1978/9. Our time at Pakenham was wonderful and very happy. We have lived in Bath for 25 years and fondly remember Pakenham.
Julia is married with 2 daughters and lives in Winchester and Victoria is resident in Doah Qatar with her 3 children and husband who is in the oil business.
Older residents may remember that we had two old cars; we now have more but they work!
It was fascinating to read of current events and recognises names and faces.
Our telephone number is 01225 840177 should anyone like to call. Bob Marshall
01.06.2008 I am researching my family history. Ihave found my ancestors were Mary Ann Bradbrook born 1829 and Jonathan Foreman born 1828. Bradbrooks lived at Pudding Hall and Foremans lived in Uppertown Pakenham. Are there any of their relatives living there today?
I think the W. Foreman and H. Foreman shown on the photograph of the church choir in 1903 which is featured in Pakenham Village of Two Mills book may be William and Horace and my ancestors. I would be grateful of any information.
We have recently visited Pakenham where we were hoping to purchase a copy of the book, not realising it was out of print. Is there anyone who might sell me a copy or know of where I could buy the book?
Many thanks, Sandra Goodall : sgoodall1 at
31.05.2008 Hello - I am still working on the genealogy of the Pakenham family and would feel awful if I did not attempt again to get a reading of the lineage. Is there any chance at all that I might get some digital pictures of "The Pedigree of Pakenham" hanging in the church? I am most willing to pay for someone's trouble and time. I live in America and there is simply no way I will be able to get there. I have not heard of the document transcribed anywhere. Perhaps a researcher in the congregation would be willing to be hired for the task? I am hoping you can help. Thanks ever so much,
Kelly Leighton in RI : kleigh1 at
04.05.2008 William Sturgeon is shown on the 1851 census being born in Pakenham. He married a second time 21 Apr 1812 Hannah Storey at Rushbrooke SFK, both being of that parish.
A family of 6 children, Susanna, George, Elizabeth, Joseph, Mary Ann and Robert were all born Rushbrooke.
The family all moved prior 1841 to Babraham CAM and William and Hannah are most likely buried in Rougham Aug 1859 and Aug 1857 respectively, corresponding with names I have found on the National Burial Index.
I have a copy of the marriage lines - the witness is an Elizabeth Sturgeon, most likely a sister, who may have married a Joseph Wigg, as this couple show up on the 1851 census with Elizabeth being born in Pakenham.
Does anyone recognise this family?
Robert emigrated to Australia and I would like to be able to connect my William to other Pakenham or Rushbrooke Sturgeon families and have failed to do so and I have been researching since 1982. Maybe there might be a kind registrar that could confirm those burials are the parents of the children given.
Hopefully there is a Sturgeon or Storey descendant out there that might have the answer to the secret of who these people were, and if there is a young Mrs Sturgeon buried in Pakenham circa 1804-1812. Kay Sturgeon, Darwin, NT Australia
kay.sturgeon at
05.04.2008 I am currently researching my family history which has led me to your lovely village Pakenham. My interest lies with the Bradbrooks who lived at Pudding Hall in the 1800s. I would dearly love any information regarding Pudding Hall and/or the Bradbrooks who lived there. Many thanks.
martin barrett : martin.barrett11 at
04.02.2008 I'm still adding bits to the information given to me last year by Martin Harrison. (See 29.01.2007 below) Any details will be gladly received especially about the slate quarries in North Wales and the ironmongers in Settle. Thanks.
John Mathew : johnatgreengates at
04.12.2007 I am researching my family history and have found that my Great Grandparents James and Kate Rebecca Frost lived at Tollgate cottage in Pakenham. I was wondering if the cottage still exists and whereabouts in Pakenham it is? I would appreciate any information you could give me. Regards
Maureen Steel : m.steel5 at
21.11.2007 My parents were Leonard and Daisy Moore who lived in Pakenham for many years and remained in close contact with the village after moving to Tostock in 1951. My grandfather, Albert Moore, was for many years headmaster of Pakenham school, church organist and village clerk. I am now living in Palgrave, near Diss and my sister Shirley is in Bury St.Edmunds. Our brother, Colin, sadly died 2 years ago.
Tony Moore : tonyemoore at
18.10.2007 I have just discovered that my Great great great grandfather William Hailstone was born in Pakenham in 1811, also his wife Sarah also born 1811. Has anyone more information on this information particularly helping me trace back further so I can find out more about my family? Thank you in anticipation,
Robin Smith : harcourt.smith at
24.09.2007 Dear Pakenham Village, Froglife has been updating it's Toads on Roads project. We have a site registered on Fen Road/Mill Road in Pakenham but unfortunately we have lost touch with the patrol. We last heard from Susanne Blurton in 1999, previously she had sent in crossing data every year since registering the site in 1993. Do you know of anyone with current information about the site? Are the signs still erected each year? Are there any toads still using the site and if so is there still a patrol? I would be very grateful if you could send any information you have about the toads in your village. If you are interested in supporting Froglife, by becoming a Froglife Friend or by making a donation, please see our website for details. Lucy Benyon - Wildlife Information & Data Officer : -
21.08.2007 Hello, I do not have any information to give you but was wondering if anybody knows how Maulkins Hall got its name. Was there a connection with the Maulkin family of Bury St Edmunds? I am related to this family and am researching family history so would be interested in any more information. Thank you
Ruth Thorne : Ruthorne at
15.08.2007 Dear Friends, As you must already know there is a pakenham in Ontario, Canada, lovely little place and its claim to fame is its stone bridges, and, hardly ever mentioned, it is home to the Royal Canadian Mounted Police horse stud. I always wanted to be in this Force but circumstances dictated otherwise and I ended up joining Suffolk Police who had a mounted division in those days, unfortunately they were disbanded.
I always wondered if you were twinned in some way with Pakenham, Ontario, Canada? You can find them on the website by just asking for We visited you for the first time last Sunday and had a very pleasant day out, saw the two mills and the marvellous creations of the man opposite the water mill, also naturally visited the local puib for lunch - "The Fox" - very nice and nice people, I am a great beliver in using the local shops and amenities when there, if you don't use them, you will lose them, so we hope we have done our bit to keep them in use for you. Our Kindest regards to you all,
Geoff and Ann : geoffrey at
30.06.07 Dear Ladies/Gentlemen, Lately I received an e-mail from "Bury Record Office"' containing the following data: Thomas Sibbes yeoman of Thurston Party to dead in Pakenham 1628 also John his brother. Paul Sibbes of Thurston 1595 Deed to pasture in Thurston ref HD1749/2/26. I should like to know if anything is known about these people. I am interested in anything about a family Sibbes. Sincerily Yours, J.D.Sibbes, Jacob Roggeveenlaan 9, 2803EG Gouda (Netherlands).
email : jdsibbes at
07.06.2007 My name is Colin Wallis, and I'm currently visiting the UK; while here I am researching my Family history in the area and am trying to trace the Lusher family, who lived and worked in Pakenham around the 1700's. I would greatly appreciate any help and can be contacted on this e-mail address: peterandness at
29.04.2007 Yesterday I visited Pakenham. I spent the winter researching a distant relative of mine May Ellen Dyer. In 1906 she became Sir William Hollingworth Quayle Jones third wife. This links me in a small way to the church where William's father and grandfather were vicars and to Barton Mere. Through the trees I was able to compare photographs of 100 years ago of William & May in various poses on the lawns by the Mere with how things look now. The house looking almost unchanged (at a distance anyway). The interesting thing from the family history point of view is that the marriage only lasted a short while and not as our family myth suggested because he died as that did not happen until 1925 (there is a nice plaque in the church). She 'ran away' to British Central Africa, Nyasaland as it was then known with a new husband and grew tobacco. I was lucky enough to discover a bundle of letters she wrote home and a series of photographs.
What I would like to know is can anybody shed light on the relationship, any of those little details that make family history come alive and make days out to wonderful places like Pakenham so enjoyable? Peter Talbot - Petalbo at
15.04.2007 I was very lucky to have known Arthur Bantick. He was a dear old man. I had a copy of the book he wrote (through dust of conflict) many years ago now, but I lost it when I took it to school to show my teacher. That book has never left my mind. I have not been able to find another copy. If some one can help me I would be so grateful as Arthur was a great part of our younger years living in Pakenham. Many Thanks, Joanne Manning (01359 231257)
12.02.2007 A big thank you to Suzanne who emailed me with some information of the Fisk family (circa mid forties). Unfortunately I am not able to respond to her directly as she did not advise me her email address. The info. from her grandfather was very helpful. Once again, thanks.
B. Robinson. brianrobinson1937 at
29.01.2007 I think that my ancestors used to live at Maulkins Hall and a friend of mine - Jane Breen - is trying to trace the family tree. My name is John Mathew and I would be grateful to hear from anyone who might be able to help us us in our searching.
johnatgreengates at
03.12.2006 My grandfather, Ernest Frost was the eldest child of Samuel Frost who ran the pub? probably the Woolpack and lived in Pakenham and is in the census of 1901. There were 5 other children and I hope some descendants are still living in the village? I would very much like to hear any information. Sarah. rhrix at
28.11.2006 Mathews Family Enquiry : For many years I have been researching into the History of the old Oakeley Slate Quarries in Blaenau Ffestiniog, North Wales. One of the constituent companies which were eventually taken over by the Oakeley family when their lease ran out was the Rhiwbryfdir Slate Company, whose directors/owners included Nathaniel Nathews and later his son Edward Windus Mathew. The information I have is as follows, and is mostly taken from "Hanes Porthmadog" and has been translated into English:
Nathaniel Mathews had only arrived in Wales in 1835 with his wife and son. He was the younger son of the Mathews family of New House, Pakenham, near Bury St. Edmunds in Suffolk and had leased the house "Wern" from Sir Joseph Huddart. His wife was one Mary Windus, the daughter of Edward Windus of Tottenham, Middlesex.
He was to take a great interest in the life of Ffestiniog and later became a J.P. for Caernarfonshire, his office lasting for many years. John Whitehead Greaves of the later Llechwedd Quarry stayed at Wern with them and met his future wife, Ellen Steadman, there. He and Mathews were later considered to be the most honest and just Magistrates and always sat on the bench together. He died, aged 80 on the 3rd. March 1867, his wife having died some 15 years previously, aged 62. Both were buried in the family tomb in the churchyard of St. Mary's, Pakenham.
The son, Edward Windus Mathew was born in 1812 and was again later remarked on for his kindliness and generosity; his generous nature was said to have helped many to find a position in life. He was known as a thorough gentleman and in all the circle he moved in he was known as faithful to his position and his conscience.
He was Chairman of the local National School Committee for many years and established a Volunteer Corps in Porthmadog in 1860, becoming it's first Captain and later Major. He was apparantly a loyal and sincere churchman, and so succeeded his father as a J.P. and became a Deputy Lieutenant of Caernarfonshire.
I would be very grateful for any information which can expand on the above and in particular would like to know if there are any photographs or otherwise of these two important men who were responsible for the significant development of the quarry between 1838 and 1877. If nothing else, a photo of the tomb would be very useful... For instance are there any records deposited anywhere of the family which might contain information relating to the quarry. Thanking in anticipation of any help, however small. Graham Isherwood. grahamad at
23.10.2006 I am researching my ancestors on my mother's side and have recently acquired a copy of the family tree dating back to 1524. My mother was member of the Tipple family in Bardwell. While studying the tree I saw that one of her ancestors lived in a place called Pudding Hall in the village of Pakenham.
Just out of curiosity I looked it up on the internet and the page opened at chapter ten of a book called 'PAKENHAM - VILLAGE OF TWO MILLS', by N.R.Whitwell, and there, to my surprise was a photograph of Charlie Tipple, hurdle maker, with other photographs on other pages. Are there still Tipples living in the village? raymar.hume at
22.10.2006 Bern and I visited Pakenham near Ottawa this month.As you would imagine, it is so different from the one in Suffolk (and Australia !) We were made so welcome by Corinne MacFarlane local historian who I have been corresponding with since 1980. If anyone would like more details they can contact me on 01359 230053 Pauline Freeman
22.08.2006 There was mention of an Oxborrow Gravestone, does anyone know the names of the people buried there as I am researching the 'oxborrows'? ( sueday446 at )
17 &
Excellent easy to use site full of information. We have just returned from visiting your pretty village where a lot of our decendants came from and lived. Some also came from Thurston, Rougham, Hessett and Wickham Skeith. We are trying to trace our family name ALDERTON; great grandfather and great grandmother Amos and Sabina Alderton (worked at Nether Hall) and any of their children including grandfather Frank and his sister Emma who was married to Ben Stokes who lived in Pakenham. There is a lovely headstone in your well tended churchyard to commemerate their passing, facing the road. We would welcome any information about them or Nether Hall or any more relatives. THANKYOU
Brian & Margaret Alderton ( molemanbrian at )
14.05.2006 I placed an ad some two year ago and unfortunately did not receive a response. I was rather hoping that one of the many Pecks in the village may have done some family history. I am a Peck, born in Sudbury in 1949, but my home has been New Zealand since 1961. My family hail from Pakenham. I have traced back to my great great grandfather, Amos Peck, born around 1815. He married Martha Mayhew from Ixworth in 1847. My great grandfather, George, was born in Pakenham in February 1849. He married Elizabeth Howe from Ixworth. My grandfather, Charles was born in Pakenham in Jul 1909. He married Laura Scates of Hawstead. My father, Jack, was born in Gt Livermere in 1920. The Pakenham connection was broken when the family moved to the Sudbury area between the wars. Is there anyone in the village who can help me go back beyond Amos?? Many thanks.
Alan Peck ( peckfamily at )
17.03.2006 My brother and I were evacuated to Pakenham in 1939. We both think we remember a well on the green outside the cottages next to the old school. When we went back several years ago there was no sign of it and no one was able to give us any information about it. Any help, and if possible photos, would be appreciated. Bill Townsend. billtownnsend at
28.02.2006 I am currently researching my family tree. I find my Father William Charles Hull b. 1881 came from Pakenham. The 1901 census shows the family living in Grimstone Road. Head of the Family was Henry, wife Elizabeth, sons Roberrt E., Frederick J., Frank and Thomas. There was also a sister Florence, shown on 1891 census. William was serving in the 3rd Suffolk Regiment at the time of census and was 21. Previous census show the address as 71 Grimstone End.  Henry was born in Stowlangtoft, his father came from Ixworth. If anyone is a living relative I would love to hear from you or if you live/lived in the house at Grimstone End. Any other information greatly appreciated. email gibsonantiques at . I plan to visit the village later in the year to do some research. Thanks - Joan Hull.
07.02.2006 I am doing research into walled gardens in the country and would like to know more about the garden(?) with high walls in Pakenham please. On the road to Thurston. All help most welcome - Many thanks - Allan Scott-Davies - allan.scott-davies at
21.12.2005 Hello. Whilst browsing the Internet I loggd onto the Pakenham website and was immediately cast back to the mid 1940s when I spent some time at the village as an evacuee from London.
My most vivid memories were that I stayed with a family called Fisk who lived in a cottage at the edge of the village opposite the Dell. The time span would have been late 1944/1945, I can remember that very well because VE day was announced on the wireless. The Dell was a favourite playground for myself and my friends (unfortunately I cannot remember their names now, but they would now be in their mid to late 60s.)
One of our favourite pastimes would be collecting birds eggs, a practice frowned upon by the local bobby who lived in a Police House just outside the village. Many was the time we were caught and given a good hiding. I now live in retirement in Lincolnshire, and a few years ago returned to the village one Sunday with my wife to recollect those days as an evacuee. The cottage was no more, now a small housing estate opposite the Dell.
We went to the local pub to try to trace any members of the Fisk family but even the locals did not recognise the name. Perhaps you can throw some light on the history of the name? I have many more memories of my time in Pakenham which I would be happy to share with you if you feel they would be of some interest. I was evacuated to several places during the war but my time in Pakenham has always stuck in my mind. My name is Brian Robinson, now 68yrs, and I may have been known as Robbie to my then friends. Thank you for taking the time to read this E.Mail and hope you may be able to add to my memories. Best Wishes for Christmas and the New Year.
Brian Robinson - brianrobinson1937 at
11.12.2005 Hi, we came to live in Pakenham about 1956, my father worked on a farm just out of the village (I'm almost sure the farm owner was a Mr Whitwell) and my mother worked at a large house at the top of the village. My mother would take me on the back of her bike to school while my brother rode his own bike - I remember it seemed a long way to the school, which I belive was just three classrooms and you stayed there till you were 15 (if I remember correctly). I was only six at the time but can still picture the village and the Dell were we would go to play with other children. I cannot remember any of the names of the children who would have been at school when we were, I think we lived in Pakenham for about two years before moving on to a place in Cornwall. Before we came to Pakenham we lived in Flempton.
I visited both villages a few years ago while visiting my father when he was in hospital in Ipswich, I would like to say that it was like time had stood still for part of the village as it was very much as I had remembered it, very peaceful.
My fathers name was John Stapleton, he passed away three years ago aged 86, my name Sally and my brother Robin Stapleton who was two years older than me. I don't expect any one will remember us, I' m 54 now! I can remember my mother used to visit someone who lived almost at the top of the village on the left hand side in a big house, (well it seemed big back then) I'm sure it was the local policeman but cannot be sure about this. I belive the cottage we lived in is still there, it had a thatched roof and some very big beams in it. I hope to be able to visit Pakenham again one day. Sally Cundall nee Stapleton I now live in Yorkshire. - SL436 at
09.12.2005 I am currently doing some research into my family history and have come across a William Hailstone born 1853. His parents were George and Susan, they lived at 43 Hungry Hall. He somehow managed to marry one of my relatives and lived in Holbeck a district of Leeds Yorkshire. Is there any local information or anyone in the area that might be familiar with family history of Pakenham that you could perhaps put me in touch with that may be able to assist me please? Kind Regards Colin Best - colin at
08.12.2005 In case anyone was wondering, Tosca, the little black and white cat, was not a stray. In fact he had a very comfortable home with us here at High House(yes he was a he). His very friendly nature meant that he visited many in the village. He had on a collar with our phone number and address. Sadly, Tosca was hit by a car early one Friday morning three weeks ago and was fatally injured. I am sure he knew nothing of the accident. I would like to thank the kind lady who brought him home to us - I have no idea who she was as I was too concerned with Tosca to note. He is buried in the rose bed. He was born in Lincolnshire and came to live with us as a homeless survivor. Naturally when we moved to Pakenham, he came too. He was a delightful companion who was much loved. In his later years he developed an over active thyroid - hence the voracious appetite. Despite the best efforts of our vet, we were unable to totally stabilise the condition. He was 'lost' earlirer this year and had to be 'rescued' from Bury stray cats. We understand the concern of the lady who handed him in as a stray but are glad we managed to find him and track him down. Many thanks to the villagers who assisted with information. Tosca also became profoundly deaf which probably contributed to his death. I apologise to those of you who found him a nuisance, there is little one can do to control a cat. To those of you who shared him, I send our thanks for your caring, I am sure you will miss him as much as we do. Lillian Benson - lillian.benson at
08.11.2005 My partner and I moved into Wheelwrights Cottage on Fen Road 4 years ago and think we are very lucky to live in such a lovely location. My maternal Grandmother was born in Hungry Hall Cottage which I understand used to be near the Windmill.
I would be very interested to hear from any one who knows about the history of Wheelwrights. We know that Freddie Hayward the Coal Merchant owned it from the sixties until the mid nineties and before that it was owned by the Grant family who ran a forge. They first bought in the early 1900's but we don't know who from.
We know the house has undergone many structural changes and once used to thatched. If anyone has any old pictures of the house we would love to see them.
You can email me at mmoore at - Mandy Moore
23.08.2005 Can you help Katie Millard?
Hi there, I am just inquiring about the local site called Pakenham Quarry... also known as the pit. I was wondering if anybody may be able to tell me if that property is privately owned or if it is common land? Alternatively do you know anyone who I could phone to find out this information.
Thanks for your help in advance - katiem at
02.07.2005 In researching our family tree we are trying to trace the WHITMORE family who came from 'KEMPSEASH', Suffolk. We cannot find this on any map and wondered whether it was an obsolete name of a parish or large house or estate. A remote branch of this family, STEDMAN, came from Pakenham. We would be grateful for any information about the location of KEMPSEASH or any other source.
Charles Burford - cha at
02.07.2005 We would like to inform all in Pakenham that the little black and white cat with a name tag on stating her name as Tosca does not live at The Thimble with Kevin and Elizabeth as assumed by some locals, however we are both great cat lovers and therefore offer her a bite to eat whenever she is passing as we would not want to see her suffer in any way. Whilst we reside here we will continue to offer her our hospitality as she is a very affectionate little cat.
With regards Kevin and Elizabeth - Kevlizburton at
27.04.2005 Hello, My name is Christine Gullickson. My maiden name was Christine Pakenham. I was born in Peterborough Ontario on January 6 1947 to Malcolm and Violet Pakenham. My mother was a war bride from Cardiff Wales. After I was born my dad joined the service again, this time the airforce. We always came back to my hometown of Peterborough to visit my grand mother named Maude Pakenham. She was married to my grandfather Gilbert Pakenham. I have been to the town or village of Pakenham and I thoroughly loved what I saw, there is alot of history there.
I will sign off now but I just wanted to write to you. Blessings,
Christine - fb063 at
14.12.2004 Good afternoon, I have visited your site as a result of a brief article in THE EVACUEE, a monthly magazine aimed at Evacuuees from WW2. You have an interesting and informative site and although I haven't been to Pakenham it looks to be a pretty village, and I suspect with a friendly atmosphere.
For the past 4 years I have been trying to find out where I was evacuated to, without success and I am wondering if I give you all the information I can recall (I am 68) if you may be able to see if you have any of your long term residents recognise anything.
In mid 1944, My Mother and I were taken by train to Bury St. Edmunds and then by a single decker bus to a village no more than an hours trip.We were housed with a family whose name was FOOTER, and my Mother worked on local farms potatoe picking and general work. There was I am certain a school nearby that had an indoor swimming pool, not that I went in, and there were always heavy aircraft to be heard. These I would think were the Flying Forts and Lancasters being used at the time.
We returned to Dagenham (where I have always lived) within 6 months but apart from this I have no other informative memories, I do recall that my stay was pleasant and within the past 3 years have twice visited the area around Bury St. Edmunds in an effort to try and rekindle memories.
I will be most grateful for any information you can supply. Regards,
Tom Pettengell - squaredancerthomas at
13.10.2004 My name is Andy Norgate and I am an ex-resident. I have happy childhood memories of Pakenham living for a year at Netherhall where my father worked - I was about 12 at the time. I made a lot of friends in the village and wonder if any of them are still around, two being Mark Brown and Andrew Bray who lived at the top housing estate near the Dell. I have been back only once but would like to revisit for a short stay and wonder if there is any accomodation in the village? I am a live session recording artist and details of my music can be found at - cheers,
Andy - andyrocks at
24.07.2004 I am compiling records of Landymores back to Norman times. Many Landymores have lived in Pakenham over the centuries (particularly in the 1600s) and I would be pleased to help anyone researching their family tree with this name or its variants up to about 1920. However, I do not have Phoebe Landymore as mentioned in your article. Was she married and if so , who was her husband? Was she born in Pakenham? I would be most grateful for help with this information.
(Mrs) Lauretta Harris email: laurettaharris at
26.05.2004 Hallo Pakenham Village Website - I was pleased to find your site as my links with the Village go back nearly 50 years - I still visit, but usually about once every two years. My in-law family lived along the Fen in a cottage and their name was Cocksedge - Edie and Ernie - this cottage was once two small ones but is now one home. I last visited in 2002. I spent many many happy times in the Village - being an East End of London child, Pakenham was magic and still is as far as I am concerned. Edie and Ernie had relatives at the old shop - now long closed - but eventually my aunt and uncle moved to The Owell - I knew many names and many young men! - All my age now - newly retired! - Is there someone who would like to write to me on an email friendship - I would be so pleased to hear what is happening in the village in these modern times - but am pleased to see that the church is playing an important part - and good luck with the new Village Hall.
Last time I visited in August 2002 - The Fox had newly been taken over by a couple that came from my town - Romford. Email me
Maureen - maureenthurtle at
16.04.2004 I was enjoying the wonderful history section about Pakenham, especially about Nether Hall, but was disappointed to find there was no information about the important thoroughbred stallion Herod, who lived at Nether Hall in the mid to late 1700s. He was owned by Sir John Moore. Who might I contact that would know anything about Nether Hall as a stud farm during that period?
Best regards, Anne Peters (apeters at
04.04.2004 Hello- My name is Bridget Pakenham. I am 50 years old. My grandmother and grandfather were from Manchester, England. I have been trying for several years, in vain, to locate any family my grandfather, Thomas, might have had. The grandparents, as well as my father and his 4 brothers, are all deceased, so this history is even more important to me now. I would love to know more about Pakenham village and how it came about. Do you think I would have any chance of locating any relatives through this Pakenham village?? Thank you for your time
Bridget Pakenham Murphy, Oregon, US. (bam72 at
13.03.2004 I am a Peck, born in Sudbury, but my home has been New Zealand since 1961. My family hail from Pakenham. I have traced back to my great great grandfather, Amos Peck, born around 1815. He married Martha Mayhew from Ixworth in 1847. Is there anyone in the village who can help me go back further? Many thanks. Alan Peck ( ajpeck at )
29.02.2004 Hello, I am researching my family history and I know that in the 16/1700s at least one of my ancestors was a baker whose daughter 'Ann' had an interest in one of the mills. I had always assumed it was a windmill but realise now that it could have been the water mill.
Can any kind person give me any help on this matter. In fact any info re Ayers/Ayres/Eyres of Pakenham would be welcome.
Judith Larner ( Judithlarner at )
29.02.2004 I thought you might be interested in this for the gallery. Rob Cubitt and I, both living in the Greenwoods development at the top of the village, go cycling every morning at 6:30 am. We whimsically refer to this as the Greenwoods Cycling Club. I have taken photos throughout the year, and they are on a website. Other Pakenham residents may like to see a cyclist's view of the village through the seasons - Geoff Barton (Thank you Geoff - edit - the link was in the Gallery but no longer works)
23.02.2004 Hello - I also have a Gin bottle. It's labeled as No. 4.
I've attached 2 jpeg files. My mother found it in an apple orchard in Southern England. Maybe Lymington, but she cannot remember. The item currently resides in South Carolina. We moved here in 1987.
Any information is greatly appreciated. Sincerely:
Scott Crossley ( scrossley at )
22.02.2004 By chance I found myself logged onto the Pakenham Village site and was fascinated to read about the village where I was born. My mother Beryl Brocklehurst nee Parry-Crooke lived at Newe House as her father owned it, he then sold it to Julian Spicer's father way back. My mother is now 93 and lives in Wiltshire. My sister and I (twins) were both born at Newe House and have been back several times. I shall have to try and get my laptop over to my mother to show her some of the photos, which I'm sure will bring back many memories
Anne Radcliffe ( annecliffe at )
16.02.2004 Older residents of Pakenham may be interested to learn that Charles & Peg Foat formerly of 'Knutsford', Great Barton but active members of Pakenham Parish are celebrating their Golden Wedding Anniversary on Friday February 20th. They are presently living at 4 Church Close, Riding Mill, Northumberland. NE44 6DP. Jill Scott (niece)
04.02.2004 From Robin_B.Clay at virgin DOT net
Greetings ! At the bottom of your Web page you show a photograph, in which a lady in the back row is identified as a 'Miss Thorniwell'. Upon reading the excerpt from the local paper just above the photograph, it would appear that this may be wrong, and that the lady in question may be a Thornhill. I would be interested in any comments on this! Regards Robin Clay
31.01.2004 From keith at
I have ancestors (surname Hailstone) who lived in Pakenham and was searching on the internet when I came across your site. I found it very informative, especially the History section. I have researched back to William Hailstone who was born in 1809 and married Sarah Palfrey. If anybody has any further information on the Hailstone family or any old photographs that may contain any of my Hailstone ancestors I would be very pleased to hear from them. Regards Keith Willingham
24.01.2004 From Robyn Packenham - Vine Grove, Ky. U.S.A.
I am a descendant from your village and was delighted to type in the name and see you on the Internet! One big WOW for technology. My Aunt Joyce Ramage Packenham, (from Arizona), was privileged to visit a few years back. I hope to visit in a year or two. Until then I wish there were more pictures of the village. It would be lovely to get more of an idea older, (and even more recent), sections of Pakenham. Still, it has been a treat to visit your site, and I look forward to coming back. Thank you, robynk at
09.11.2003 Since receiving an email about Hungry Hall just a few days ago I felt a need to express my sincere thanks again to the people who run this site.
Three years on from my first posting and here I am with another email regarding that search. Martin Harrison gave me information then that I had no hope of finding for myself and now I have been able to pass it on to other descendants of George Rosier who farmed there all those years ago. Thank you so much for maintaining this site for all of this time because I am sure this last contact got his information about me from it. I will be forever grateful. Compliments of the season to you all.
Dorothy Bonfield. doro3 at
21.09.2003 I have been researching my family tree (JACOB) who came from Pakenham in 1853 to South australia. They were HENRY JACOB and ANN nee PITMAN. I was very interested in your publication 'Pakenham - Village of Two Mills'. If there is any history of my family available I would be very interested. Regards Bruce Edward Jacob brucej at
07.09.2003 We have received an email from Ken Crawford - kenpao at - in Kentucky, with an interesting photograph of a gin bottle - similar to those found in the Old Vicarage. Because of the historical interest there is also a link to his email in the History section. Do you know more? Perhaps you can help.
18.07.2003 Hello to everyone - I had TREDGETT family living in Pakenham from at least 1734. George TREDGETT and Mary Ronds were married there in 1760. Just wondered if connections remain in the village - would love to hear from anyone that can help me
Heather. familytree at
21.04.2003 This email refers to a suggestion made for the design of the village hall - if anyone has any ideas you may like to email Shirley...
A search that I did on the internet for room partitions/screens/dividers, gave your web-site as a indicated that you had considered using screens for partitioning purposes in Pakenham village hall. Can you tell me where I might get some nice decorative ones. Do you know where I might get some anglo-indian ones....think they were popular in the 1950's. Thankyou, in anticipation of your help.....Shirley Downes. Busybeehoneyfarm at
10.02.2003 We are really excited to be able to present the book written by N.R. Whitwell 'Pakenham - Village of Two Mills' in our History Section - it is a charming account of 'Pakenham through the ages' and answers a lot of those questions we all wonder about. Old photographs are also included from the book so some of the pages may take a little longer to appear.
We have recently received the following emails and in all cases, reference to N.R. Whitwell's book in the History Section will give further insight:-

14.01.2003 - Hello and greetings from Illinois, United States! I am researching a Pakenham ancestor and hope that one of your readers who may know the older Pakenham lineage might be able to help me. My ancestors were Smiths of County Monaghan - John Smith, Jr. b. 1728; John Smith Sr. b. 1689; Henry Smith, b. 1660; William Smith, b. 1630. This William Smith was supposed to have married a Lady Elizabeth Pakenham, daughter of Lord Longford. Would anyone have more information on these people? I would appreciate it so much. Thank you,
Chery Eichar Jett : gwynna1 at

23.10.2002 - Hi, I was just searching the net for my second name and your site came up! Can you give me any information about how your vilage got its name?
Cheers, Joe Pakenham : joepakenham at

01.10.2002 - I appreciate your picture of Pakenham Street very much. Could you show some other scenes of what looks to be a delightful place? My ancestors came from there over 150 years ago and it is great to see a picture of the village. Many thanks.
N. & R.T. Matthews : ronorma at

09.11.2002 Jan& Max Bacon wish to thank all of friends and customers, old and new, for all their love and best wishes, wonderful cards and flowers after the events at the Post Office on the 1st of November. So much kindness, so much help. A million thank-yous from us for the truly immense advice and guidance from all. We are so undeserving. Thank God we live in Pakenham. PakePo at
15.07.2002 A big thank you to the many villagers of Pakenham who came to the Medical Foundation Garden Party at Bridge House on Saturday 13 July.
Over six hundred pounds was raised to help the victims of torture from all over the world.
If you would like to know about future events organised by the South Suffolk Branch of the Medical Foundation, please contact Lesley Whitwell, Secretary, 19 Blomfield Street, Bury St Edmunds, IP33 1PE, tel 01284 705777, email Recent events have included a Persian Dinner, an Art Raffle and a Strawberry Tea.. THANK YOU
Colin Harbury (Chairman) colinharbury at
06.07.2002 Once again the Pakenham Barn Dance gave us an excellent evening with excellent food and an excellent turnout. Many thanks to all those involved in organising the event and the food, well the food was just delicious!
02.04.2002 Within the last few days we have received two very interesting articles, one from Martin Harrison (our local History Recorder) on the subject of the Royal Jubilee of 1887 and the second entitled 'Secrets of the Family Frozen In Time' - a detective story written by Robin Imray which appeared in the East Anglia Daily Times on 15th March 2002.. Both articles to be found in the History Section. Apologies to all waiting to read recent Parish Council Meeting Minutes - as soon as they are made available they will be posted in the Parish Council Section.
19.03.2002 Please contact Andy Priestner if your memory serves you well!
I maintain a large site all about the cult 70s BBC TV series Survivors and Pakenham was one of the locations used for an episode back in 1977. The windmill features quite heavily in the story, which was last broadcast on UK Gold in the late 90s. The episode was entitled The Peacemaker and featured performances from Denis Lill, Lucy Fleming (daughter of Celia Johnson) and Edward Underdown. My current page on this episode features several shots of the windmill and can be visited here:
The episode was filmed in April 1977. I would be very interested to hear about any villagers' memories of the production taking place. Some may have taken part as extras (and would have worn white monk habits as the episode was about a religious cult!). Please pass on my email address to anyone who has memories of the show or perhaps even photographs of the production as I would love to hear from them. My postal address is : 176a Ock Street, Abingdon, Oxon, OX14 5DT.
27.07.2001 Ian Kings takes us down memory lane and just by absolute coincidence there is now a photo in the gallery taken from a picture in the Church showing the two schools mentioned!
Hello, My name is Ian Kings and I lived in Pakenham between 1967 and 1973. I attended the old primary school when it was just two enormous classes in the Victorian building. Later I went to the new school when it opened. It had an amazing polished wooden floor in the main hall. Mr Pitchford, then head teacher, was very proud of it. Mrs Laing was my teacher for some time. I lived at 29 The Owell, with my parents Ian and Marina, brother Paul and sisters Tracey and Lesley.
The Redgate family ran the village store (Mace); our neighbours included the Gooch's, Palmers and Skinners. I sang in the church choir. The Rev Cyril Newell was the vicar and he lived in the wonderful rectory next door to the church.
My main memories are playing in the Dell, playing football every day-light hour and playing with the haystacks in summer. It was a perfect place to grow up. My family went through several moves after Pakenham, though we never lived anywhere as good. I'm now living in Norwich, working for BBC News. I'm married with two children.
I drove through Pakenham recently for the first time in years. It hasn't changed much, though it was disappointing to see the school replaced by houses. The Church is truly stunning. Good to see the pub still going strong. Incidentally, I ran into Mrs Laing back in the 1980s. I went out with a lovely girl called Alison who I discovered later was her daughter !
Best wishes to anyone who can remember me. ian.kings at
18.07.2001 We have received the following email - if anyone remembers or has news of the Jackson family please contact Christopher and don't forget to let us know as well!
My grandfather was a William Jackson, sometime cottage gardener at the Nether Hall estate. My father was one of his six children. I have only one photo and an a newspaper cutting of his obiturary. I have very little to offer to your site but would be interested to hear from you.
Regards, Christopher Jackson. Chris_Jack at
12.07.2001 We have received the following email and perhaps anyone interested in the Pakenham name would like to contact Christine:-
Hello, my name is Christine Gullickson, and my maiden name was Christine Pakenham and I am 54 years old. My dad was Malcolm Aubrey Pakenham and he served in the Canadian army during ww2 and is how he met my mother Violet Williams from Llanelly Wales. Dad married my mom in July 1945 and she became a war bride. She followed my dad to Peterborough Ontario, Canada. They lived at my grandparents place until dad joined the air force. Dad's dad was Gilbert Pakenham. What I would like to know is if I could write to someone who has been interested in the Pakenham name. Thanks.
Christine Gullickson - Poppa at
0.07.2001 Thank you to Jo and Phil Beck for the following email - you have certainly come to the right place and we hope you thoroughly enjoy your stay!
We are a couple of visiting Australians and have been given a tour of your local web site by Colin Harbury. We think that it is excellent. Full of useful information and great graphics. We are visiting Pakenham and staying with my parents Peter and Anne Beck. Jo and Phil Beck, Hobart Tasmania
08.07.2001 Once again the Pakenham Barn Dance gave us a lovely evening, despite the monsoon-like weather. A big thank you to all those involved in organising such an enjoyable event and the food was absolutely delicious. Photos have been added to the gallery but unfortunately my little camera is just not up to the nightlife so the quality is awful but I hope you agree the evening was too good not to be included.
17.05.2001 Welcome to Richard Weavers and Karen Auty who, since the beginning of May, are now running our local pub, The Fox. If you fancy a drink and something to eat, call in at The Fox, you will be glad you did! We recently had a request to include Parish Councillors' contact details on the site. We have been in touch with the Parish Council and they are happy to discuss the request along with the idea of showing the agenda for future parish council meetings, at their next meeting on 11th June. Don't forget, if you would like to attend any of the meetings, please just turn up on the night.
16.02.2001 Yet again, a wonderful production from the Pakenham Players, photos to follow shortly in the Gallery. Good news for road safety in Pakenham - new warning signs are now in place on the approaches to the Upper Town cross-roads. The Internet is a really useful resource for those researching their family trees/history and our Useful Numbers & Links page now includes a section of Genealogy Links - if you have any favourite genealogy links, let us know and we will add them too. And thanks to Dorothy for kind wishes received in the following email ...
04.02.2001 Sending all Pakenhamites my very warm and sunny wishes from the Sunshine Coast of Queensland with belated New Year greetings to everyone who has any input to your village site I wish them all the very best for 2001. I really do appreciate all the hard work which must go into producing such a wonderful site which has provided me with such a lot of information pertaining to Pakenham. Consequently your site has been added to my 'Favourites' for easy access. Since my e-mails to you I have found the Wickham Market site - another village close to Leiston and was able to get the 1851 Census for that Suffolk village where to my delight I found some of the Pells family that I have been looking for, for a very long time. Wickham Market School site has also been added to my 'Favourites'. Martin Harrison has been a great help to me and his contribution to your site makes interesting reading even to one like me who is not an expat of your village. He certainly is a wealth of information. I only wish I could be of as much assistance to your site as Martin Harrison is and has been to me. I thank you all most sincerely.
Dorothy Bonfield... doro3 at
08.01.2001 We have received this email from Karl Scott - I was trying to help my daughter research something about Pakenham for a school project but had no luck with either the District Council or your good selves. The site is very nice to look at but gives no real detail about the village. Please could you inform me if you know how many people live in Pakenham. Mr K Scott (edit - previous links no longer exist)
07.01.2001 We have received this email from Sandy Miles - can you help?
I was wondering if you may be able to help in tracing an old friend of my aunts by putting this message on the web site. My Aunt Josephine (Jo) Crawford - now Jo Gill - was wondering if her old friend Dorothy (Dotty) Gooch still lived in the village. She believes she married and became Dorothy Plummer. My grand-parents ran the Crown Public House in Ixworth and Jo was born there in 1946 and lived in the area until 1960 when the family moved to the Midlands. Jo used to play and go to school with Dorothy who lived in Ixworth at the time and later moved to Pakenham. As I now live here I said I'd try and track down her old friend for her. If anyone knows of Dorothy's whereabouts please contact me on 01359 233306 and I can hopefully reunite a friendship. Thanks for your help and keep up the good work on the site. Regards Sandy Miles - at
06.11.2000 Once again the site has been re-vamped - if you have any problems with the new page layout please let me know a.s.a.p!
01.11.2000 Email from Dorothy Bonfield in Australia
Ann .. thank you so much for replying so quickly, for your interest and assistance. Hungry Hall where George Rosier worked with his wife and two younger sons Ben & Arthur was according to a very old map of Suffolk just west of Ixworth north west of Pakenham. A map I have is so old and has such small printing I have difficulty reading the place names on it. It might have even been a farm or some kind of estate where George Rosier worked. I went into the other site 'Suffolk Surname List' you told me about and found not only the name of Rosier but Pells the surname of George's son Ben's wife. My husband's paternal grandparents. I have contacted both by e-mail.
Should it be of any interest to you I have quite a stack of info. on the Rosier/ Rosher surname which was supplied to me by another English lady who lives in New Zealand . There are Rosiers in Tasmania who are the descendants of a convict who was shipped out from Suffolk in those long gone dark days when the British shipped out even their petty crimimals to the Antipodes .This James Rosier born about 1790 at Great Finborough, Suffolk received a pardon or release but of course in those days he wasn't shipped back to England so made another life for himself and so another wife and family..... If you would like to know about this let me know but give me time to delve into my files. I have only just acquired my computer so of course my genealogy searches over the past few years are filed in a somewhat older system - letters, old photo copies and all kinds of bits and pieces I have collated over the years that I have been delving into our family history. It is amazing what one can amass. Some info. has been relevant to my research, some not but all of it was well worth keeping on file. even if only for future reference and hopefully for the benefit of other folk with the same interest searching their 'trees'.....
Thank you again... Dorothy Bonfield... doro3 at
29.10.2000 We have received this email from Australia - can you help?
G' day to whoever reads my e-mail. I am contacting you from the Sunshine Coast of Queensland, Australia. You see as Pakenham was the birth place of my husbands grandfather, and Leiston (in the parish of Blything, Westleton) was his mother's place of birth I am following up the tree of the family of ROSIERS who lived and worked in Suffolk in the 1800's. So I decided to search for information on the county of Suffolk on my computer and found your site. Is there any way that I can find out more about Leiston Abbey or a place called Hungry Hall? Hungry Hall I believe was not far from Pakenham. Whether it was a place or actually the name of a manor I would be very eager to find out. My name is Dorothy Bonfield.... doro3 at If any assistance can be given I would be most grateful.
11.09.2000 At last some action on Traffic Matters - check out letters received from D. Watson and Mrs. A Pollard, view the maps and have your say before the next Parish Council meeting (18.09.2000)
31.08.2000 Congratulations to Robert and Alex Cubitt, of the Greenwoods, on the birth of their son, Oscar, on Tuesday 29.08.00. - geoffbarton at
24.07.2000 Many thanks to Martin Harrison for the email below and for his interesting reply to Colin Harbury's questions of 28.06.2000 regarding the Pakenham Charities which has become the first entry in the new section Pakenham History. We hope to add many more entries - don't forget, this site needs your input - just send your information to
23.07.2000 Congratulations on setting up this site. I work in the Record Office in Bury St. Edmunds where the Pakenham Video has been deposited. May I, (unofficially), correct the information concerning the taking out on loan of this deposit. The Video can only removed from the R.O. by the depositor, or by someone authorised by a letter from the depositor or their representative(s). This is standard procedure for all documents deposited on long term loan and which remain the property of the depositor. Unfortunately this even applies to me! I hold the position of Local History Recorder in Pakenham although living along Fen Road find myself somewhat out of touch at times. If it will help, please include my details on your site. I hope I may be able to contribute something on village history or perhaps answer some enquiries. Any information that comes my way will be welcome. Martin Harrison - trelawne at
20.07.2000 As you will have noticed the site has been re-vamped - please let me know if you have any problems accessing any of the pages. We seemed to lose the windmill in a black hole somewhere but hopefully it is now back again!... I am still waiting to receive the Parish Council Minutes for May & June to update the Local Information pages. Don't forget, this site needs your input - just send to
12.07.2000 Dear Pakenhamites, Your web site is super. Just as it should be for an attractive and valuable village information site! Best wishes, Basil and Raymonde Jackson, Brussels, Belgium - basil.jackson at
09.07.2000 Hi and well done on your new site.A little titbit of info you may not know about your local windmill. It was a location in a tv series, that I hold in high regard, Terry Nation's 'Survivors', in the episode 'The Peacemaker', in the third series, it was in 1977 that the episode was made, there were other maybe local scenes in the same episode, but I've not found them. My web page is at ( with links to other Survivors sites. Regards Bob, Brandon Suffolk - bobmeades at
28.06.2000 Pakenham Charities Wonderful to have this website. Well well done !. May I ask a question? We know there is something called Pakenham Charities, which has made grants to many causes. I am told it was founded about 100 years ago. That is very interesting. Can we ask the `trustees' for a bit of history of the Charity, e.g. how much has been distributed over the years and to whom. I would also be fascinated to know
1. Who founded it (and when).
2. What are the criteria for considering applications.
3. Who are the trustees.
4. How are the trustees appointed.
What about having a box on the website where letters, such as this, can be seen and responded to by anyone ? - colinharbury at
If you know the answers, please email us at
16.06.2000 Colin Harbury suggested it would be useful to show contacts and phone numbers for village activities, e.g. Village Hall, Sports Field & Pavilion booking information, Neighbourhood Watch Co-ordinator, Parish Clerk & other officers of the Parish & Community Councils. For the time being, this type of information will be in the Local Information Section.
Mrs. Valerie White (Borough Councillor) has, as I am sure you know, been very active in trying to sort out Traffic Matters in Pakenham and we hope to shortly include a section detailing correspondence and generally keeping us all up to date on what, if anything Suffolk County Council are doing in response to our concerns.
A big welcome to Pauline & Paul - new Pakenham residents.