Pakenham Village News : October 2003

October 2003

Lots has happened since last time. We have lost a few of our dear old friends, gained some new little ones.

Our friends who have gone to rest since are:-

Flo Rose, late of Bailey pool House, wife of the late Ally Rose, mother to Brian and mother-in-law to Anne died 26/6/2003.

Hilda Hughes died the following day, she lived at Jumbana in Fen Road, her husband died some years ago and her daughter became a nun.

Pauline Richards, late of Pips Cottage, The Street, Wife of Bernard Richards Pauline, a gentle well bred (she was the daughter of an Harley Street doctor) slightly vulnerable lady, who hid her talent with her charm and wit and her 'forgettery' as she called her frequent lapses of memory. Her 'forgettery' infact, was possibly the joke she used on anyone who inquired of her past. She had been in fact Pauline Juler, top classical clarinettist of the late thirties and early forties. Perhaps, her most well known piece was of Finzi's Five Bagatelles five movements for clarinet and string quartet. It is said that Finzi was so impressed with Pauline's performance of Five Bagatelles that he wrote the Clarinet Concerto for her. But Pauline was about to get married, and marriage won the day, Pauline gave it all up for love. Love and Pauline were synonymous. Love for her Bernard, love for her family, and love of God.

Nell Watts late of Willowdene, The Street. Although Nell lived the last 3 years or so at lxworth Court, she will be remembered, as an integral part of Pakenham life. Nell was a founder member of Pakenham W.I, she was a member of the Mothers Union, and a regular churchgoer. She was also a keen whist player. Abiding memories of Nell are of a very hospitable lady who's home was open to everyone. Nell was a very kindly soul who has been known to give away some of her own furniture, although she and husband Ted could barely afford to, to some needy person. As a Christian she believed in the doctrine to give is better than to receive. Husband Ted was of course the local baker, and Nell would have been involved in everything to do with that. We send our condolences to daughters Marion and Margaret and their families, as we do to all the families of our departed friends.

We are pleased to report some new life born to our village in the past few months:-

A baby girl to Mr and Mrs Cubitt of 4 The Greenwoods, a sister for Oscar;
A baby boy Oliver to Ben and Laurie Wincott of 75 The Owell;
A baby girl Maddie to John and Clair Spear, of Apple Cottage, a sister for Emily;
A baby boy Joseph to Matt and Sarah Simmerson of Red House, The Street;
To Peter and Jean Georges daughter Sam and her husband whilst they were staying with Peter and Jean at 4 The Meadows, born 19/9/2003.

We have four weddings to report of Pakenham's own:-

Claire Harris of 14 Manor Garth;
Sarah Brown of The Croft, Bell Corner;
James Shelbourne of Mulberry House;
William Magnani of Ravenna.
We wish them a life of love and happiness.

Congratulations to Andrew Smith of 13 Manor Garth, who has just been selected for the British Artistic Roller Skating Team for the Cup of Europe in Freiburg, Germany in October, his first international experience. Andrew has just won a trophy for figures. Quote from dad Phil 'I never thought that I would father an international sportsman'.
So first Jo Jennings, then David Starie now Andrew Smith.

Old Hall Farm after many ,many years in the ownership of the Morley family is now changing hands.
The Morleys have always been major benefactors to this village, most obviously in the creation of the playing field. We wish Juliette well. We also will miss Robbie and Sonia Garnham who will also be moving out of Old Hall, and we thank them sincerely for all the help they have given us over the years.

Well the new Village Hall is finished and WOW!! What a building. Congratulations to all concerned.
The shop and the post office are due to open there on November 17th.

Max Bacon.